Yunnan Solar Energy Industry

What is the “one-two punch” and “road map” for the further development of solar energy industry?

After years of development, the solar heat utilization industry in Yunnan, China, as a whole, is still facing a lack of cooperation, trust and consensus, industrial concentration is not enough, brand influence is not strong: the product technology content is not high, the variety is single, and it is in a long-term low-level repeated, trailing […]


What are the major problems in China’s Yunnan solar industry?

The plight of “three low” products: The development of solar energy industry in Yunnan, China, has reached a critical historic turning point. If it continues to develop blindly, it may fall into an embarrassing situation similar to the so-called “middle-income trap” of developing countries. No matter “light and heat” or “photovoltaic”, the whole solar energy […]


What is the development status of solar energy industry in Yunnan, China?

It is often said that the sun can be seen through a drop of water. The scale and framework of the development of Yunnan’s solar energy industry can also show the development situation and common problems of China’s entire solar energy industry, although Yunnan has its own limitations and market environment conditions of industrial development […]

The geometric relationship of various angles of solar radiation

In the use of solar energy, we need to have a clear spatial concept and mutual relationship with respect to a series of mathematical and physical characteristics related to the geometric angle of solar radiation, relative spatial position, and factors affecting solar radiation intensity. A preliminary understanding of the interrelationships. We need to refer to […]

The relationship between solar radiant energy and the earth

As the center of our galaxy, the sun is always under the strong impact of thermonuclear fusion, tumbling huge waves of molten water, while emitting and absorbing the different wavelengths of the sun’s interior in the thermonuclear state. Visible light or electromagnetic current radiation. In the development, research and actual utilization of solar radiant energy, […]